About The Beauty Project 

We are Leionie and Jade, the co-founders of The Beauty Project.

We wish to take this opportunity to formally introduce ourselves and succinctly elucidate our mission.

Our professional journey commenced eight years ago when we crossed paths while working in a Residential Children's Home, specialising in emotional and behavioural challenges.

Collectively, we have garnered sixteen years of invaluable experience in catering to a diverse spectrum of young individuals from underprivileged backgrounds.


Sharing a profound commitment to the welfare of children, particularly those from disadvantaged environments, we aspired to effect substantial change.

Our journey thus far has brought to light a pressing issue – the academic challenges faced by many, including ourselves.


Our extensive research unveiled a remarkable scarcity of alternative provisions that encompass all aspects of the hair and beauty teachings within a single operational salon.


This realisation served as the impetus for the birth of The Beauty Project. Our salon setting offers young individuals a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience, develop skills, and acquire knowledge vital for pursuing careers within the beauty industry.



“To provide support and training to young individuals not currently in attendance or struggling within their educational facility or NEET; allowing students to utilise our services in view of gaining qualifications and entering back into educational programmes, or utilising developed skills and training to enter into a working environment”