Proudly working with TOG Mind, all our students have access to therapy/counselling sessions supported by our therapeutic team members.

Therapy provides a supportive and confidential space for our students to express their thoughts and feelings. It can help adolescents navigate the challenges of adolescence, such as identity development, peer pressure, and academic stress. Therapy also equips teenagers with coping mechanisms, emotional regulation skills, and tools to address mental health issues, developing resilience and overall well-being during a crucial period of personal growth.

A process of learning, obstacles, failure, getting back up, and ultimately success is experienced by students. This process is then combined with an advanced clinical approach. The combination has proved to be highly effective at addressing a variety of mental and behavioural health issues.

In addition to our partnership with TOG Mind we have partnered up with private Cognitive Behavioural Therapists and other Trauma Therapists to ensure the youth working with us have immediate access where necessary.