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Welcome to The Trades Project.

We have a diverse range of courses designed for students seeking practical skills and knowledge for successful careers in various industries.

Our programmes cater to individual seeking hands-on learner experiences fostering both personal and professional growth.

Here at Project You we provide an opportunity for everyone to thrive regardless of their previous educational backgrounds.

Our Courses



Develop the essential skills needed for plastering including; surface preparation, application techniques and finishing methods. This course will equip students with the expertise required to work on both residential and commercial projects ensuring smooth and durable wall finishes.


Course Content

This course provides comprehensive training on tools and equipment needed, the different types of plaster and the applications, and the preparation of plaster materials.

Students will master advanced techniques such as skimming, creating smooth and textured finishes, and decorative plasterwork. The curriculum includes designing and repairing decorative plaster features, adhering to advance safety protocols, handling hazardous material, and managing emergency procedures.

Additionally the course covers the essentials of setting up and managing a plastering business, including communication, project estimation, legal and financial aspects, planning complex projects, team management, quality control and project evaluation.

Painting and Decorating


Learn the art of painting and decorating; from basic techniques to advanced design concepts. This programme will cover specifics such as surface preparation, paint application, wallpapering, decorative finishes and more, preparing students for creative and rewarding careers in this industry.


Course Content

This course provides a comprehensive foundation, starting with essential tools and equipment and the critical steps of surface preparation. Students will learn about different paint types, colour theory, and techniques for both interior and exterior painting. The course covers wallpaper installation, decorative finishes, and handling specialty surfaces. Restoration and repair methods are taught to maintain painted surfaces, with a strong emphasis on health and safety. Additionally, the course includes business essentials and environmental considerations, equipping students with the knowledge to run a sustainable painting and decorating business.



Master the fundamentals of bricklaying, including construction walls, foundations, and other structures. Students gain practical experience in laying bricks, blocks, and stone, ensuring they are well prepared for roles in construction and masonry.


Course Content

This course provides a comprehensive overview of essential skills for aspiring bricklayers. Starting with an introduction to basic tools and equipment, followed by practical training in bricklaying techniques. Students will learn to construct walls, apply basic joint finishes, and build curved arches and decorative brickwork. The course covers bonding techniques, ensuring that students can create strong, durable structures. Emphasis is placed on health and safety protocols to ensure a secure working environment. In addition to technical skills, students will gain experience in identifying and addressing defects and maintenance issues in brickwork. For those interested in entrepreneurship, the course offers guidance on starting and managing a bricklaying business, including project estimation, planning complex projects, team management, and quality control. This extensive curriculum equips students with the diverse skills needed to succeed as a professional skilled bricklayer.



Explore the world of tiling, focusing on the installation of ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles. This course teaches students how to prepare surfaces, cut tiles, and apply adhesive and grout, providing the skills needed for both interior and exterior tiling projects


Course Content

Our comprehensive tiling course is meticulously structured into modules designed to equip students with the essential skills and knowledge needing to excel in the tiling industry. Starting with an induction to the trade, the course covers the tiles, tools, tales and materials used, along with the basic principles of tile installation. Students will learn to properly prepare surfaces for tiling, ensuring optimal adhesion on various substrates. The curriculum emphasises building speed and precision, allowing students to increase efficiency without compromising quality. Variety of tile patterns and layouts are explored, from simple designs to complex arrangements, emphasising the importance of planning and symmetry. Additionally students will learn to prepare detailed and professional quotes covering Labor, materials and contingency planning. Upon completion students will be well equipped with the practical skills and technical knowledge necessary for a successful career in tiling.