Alternative Education Provision


At Project You, formally known as The Beauty Project, we provide an innovative educational experience tailored to  young people aged 11 to 17 , with groups organised by age for optimal learning environments.


Our educational approach is firmly rooted in a child-centric ethos, offering a spectrum of learning options ranging from fundamental skills to industry-recognised accredited course qualifications.


Additionally, our in-house operational salon/workshop serves as a hands-on training ground for our learners, enabling them to build practical experience to enhance their CVs.


Currently, our courses for young people are available as optional 1 to 4 day sessions, spanning a 13-week plus duration to achieve industry-recognised certification, However, we remain flexible in adjusting the course structure to accommodate individual student needs.


What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to a person-centered approach to learning. We prioritise the unique needs and aspirations of each student, and our extensive array of courses such as :

* Hair and Beauty (Salon) - Level 2 & Level 3

* Bricklaying Level 2 & Level 3 (Workshop)

* Plastering Level 2 & Level 3 (Workshop)

* Painting and Decorating  (workshop)

* Tiling (Workshop) Level 2 & Level 3

* Personal Training (Gym) Level 3

*Sports Science (Gym) Level 3

*Child Development (Centre) Level 2 & Level 3

*Animal Grooming (Centre & Placement) Level 3 

* Hospitality (Centre & Placement) Level 3


This ensures that our students receive training and education that is both highly regarded and directly applicable to their chosen career paths.

Further Support Offered

In addition to our core curriculum, we provide a range of supplementary support services designed to enhance the personal and professional development of our students.

Our timetable includes workshops on various topics including;  C.V building, confidence building, stress management, and group sessions addressing important contemporary subjects such as mental health, positive relationships, LGBTQIA+ awareness, and more.


Within our timetable we also offer other types of support such as:

* Careers advice

* 1-2-1 mentoring 

* Work Experience

* Collage application support 

To join, please visit the referrals section above.

Extended Support

Project You understands that individuals have their own learning requirements. Our training courses are tailored to each individual, with traditional time constraints removed from the programme(s). Students are able to learn at their own pace in a learning supported environment; with additional 1-2-1 support provided where required. 

Therapeutic Approach 

A therapeutic approach in education is essential for creating a supportive environment that fosters academic achievement, and emotional and psychological well-being, preparing them for a successful balanced life. 

* Holistic Development

* Improved Academic Performance

* Resilience and Coping Skills

* Positive Environment

* Early intervention

*Individualised Support

*Life Skills 

*reduction of Stigma 

*Wider Community Impact








Courses we Offer

Here at Project You we offer an extensive variety of accredited courses to ensure all of our learners can find subjects that resonate with their interests and aspirations. 

this breadth of choice empowers students to explore their passions, develop unique talents and achieve personal and academic growth.

. We also offer access to extended learning pathways via apprenticeships, extended courses and support transitioning to college or work. 

Professional Team

Project You continually invest in employee training to ensure staff are fully equip to manage varying student requirements, enabling the team to provide appropriate and individually targeted training; inclusive of training in regard to industry-based examinations.