Every Child Matters 

Irrespective of social background and individual circumstances, Every Child Matters. Having a team combination of over 30 years’ childcare experience, we know that every child should have their own goal framework enabling them to be successful 


Promoting Wellbeing


Welcome Pack - Upon arrival, each of our young people receive a welcome pack including details of professional health facilities within their area that they can access regarding mental, physical, and sexual health.


Food- Our young people are provided with healthy lunch options with food and drinks available throughout the day.


Key Worker – Each young person is given a Key Worker, who is the central point of contact for the young person and their families/professionals.


Support - Each young person has the option to ask for a mentor, different from their Key Worker. A mentor can be an effective way of supporting a young person to grow their confidence and realise their innate potential.

Staying Safe

Training - Our staff members are trained to identify safeguarding concerns regarding neglect, violence, sexual exploitation, crime, discrimination, and reporting processes.


Our Environment - With an honest and family orientated environment we aspire to encourage our young people to openly communicate with us should they have any worries.


Bullying - Our environment has a zero tolerance for bullying.


Information - Throughout our facility are posters/leaflets displayed, along with and other information resources that offer advice to our young people.


Safety – Staff will ensure the environment is fully risk assessed, and all staff are DBS checked.


Assessments - The student will have compatibility assessment completed prior to attending and risk assessments will be continuously reviewed to ensure the safety of the students and others.


Enjoying and Achieving 

Premises - Our premises is designed to help every one of our young people achieve, not only with the courses they participate in but with the learning of skills that can be used away from the salon. Genuine, personalised recognition helps drive engagement, confidence, and a sense of belonging. We want our young people to feel a part of The Beauty Project family, and that is why we believe in positive acknowledgement throughout.


Positive Points - Through the term, our young people have the incentive to earn points through positive behaviour. Points can be transferred to either Beauty Starter Packs or a voucher of choice at the end of term. Our Beauty Packs provide the initial items to start up a small business.


Courses - All our courses are accredited which enables our young people to start up their own business in the future.


Awards -  At the end of term, we like to create a small awards ceremony whereby parents and/or carers can come and watch their young people received their certificates and personal awards. By awarding our young people, we hope to inspire, reward effort, build confidence and motivate them to continue make progress. 

Making a Positive Contribution


Decision Making - Being inclusive, all our young people are actively prompted to engage in the decision-making in retrospect to their salon days.


Postal Box - Our postal box gives opportunity for suggestions, encouraging our young people to use their voice and give the reassurance that they do matter.


Group Discussions - Through group discussions and that of one to one, we aim to challenge disruptive behaviours within our environment and out.


Dynamic - Our family like dynamic is to promote a sense of belonging and encourage positive relationships between all, celebrating all areas of religious and cultural beliefs.


Teaching Method - Our teach methods, role play, and work experience provide opportunities to deal with life/workplace challenges to develop enterprising behaviour.


Achieving Economic Wellbeing


Certificates - All our courses are accredited and upon completion each young person will receive an industry recognised certificate.  


Work Experience - The young people will gain onsite work experience will help our young people gain employment.  


Apprenticeships - Those that are 16 years of age could opt to go onto an apprentice course either with our salon or another.  


GRAL - Our structured classes incorporate the “Get Ready for Adult Life” scheme to teach those moving to independence life skills. Our business enterprise training is there to help the young people wishing to open their own business how to go about a start.